Diesel tank cleaning and fuel polishing
by Rares Badrea
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Agents for Clean Diesel Australia www.cleandiesel.com.au
MMS Mobile Marine Service proudly offers now diesel fuel tank cleaning and fuel polishing services using latest technology from Clean Diesel Australia. The inovative multistage cleaning process, unique in the industry, ensures the removal of all water (free water and suspended/emulsified water), partcicles, sludge and any type of contamination from diesel fuel.
Diesel cleaning machine
The automatic diesel clean pump is small enough yet powerful to be used even in remote locations such as mooring yachts. Dirty diesel is one of the major causes for engine and fuel system failure. Water generated inside the tank from condensation allows the growth of diesel bug.
Diesel bug
Diesel bug is also commonly known as diesel virus, algae or diesel fungus. It is the water in the fuel tank that the diesel bug survives on, and allows it to reproduce at an extremely fast rate. Diesel bug additives and biocides have been designed to kill the bugs but they do not remove the dead bugs, relying on the engine combustion to burn them off. That leads to accumulation of the sludge at the bottom of your tank.
Our revolutionary system "vacuums" all the water and sludge from the bottom of your tank retaining them in our multi stage filtration system The fuel is returned to the tank in pristine condition. Prices start @ $1.5 per cleaned diesel fuel depending on the level of contamination.
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For more information about diesel contamination visit www.cleandiesel.com.au